Outspoken Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko has added his voice to the disquiet surrounding the team's apparent spending spree in pursuit of the 2010 F1 world titles, insisting that someone has got their figures wrong.

The Austrian, who was at the heart of the alleged favouritism that rattled RBR during its twin-pronged assault on the drivers' championship, has joined team principal Christian Horner in rubbishing suggestions, propounded by former FIA president Max Mosley, that the Milton Keynes-based outfit contravened spending controls introduced to make the sport more affordable [HERE]. In particular, Marko was scathing of rumours claiming that in excess of E300m was splashed on the season.

"Those figures are completely wrong - the truth is less than half of that," he told German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, "Either someone spread these false figures deliberately, or he cannot read a balance sheet."

Insisting that the amount spent by RBR was around E190m, Marko claimed that there were probably three teams that had spent more on their campaigns once all development costs had been taken into account, and insisted that Red Bull was probably the most efficient operation in terms of results for what it spent.

However, with the brickbats flying back and forth, Red Bull Racing is currently refusing to sign up to a redrawn Resource Restriction Agreement, although Marko insists that it has nothing to do with wanting a return of unlimited spending.

"We are not opposed to saving, it's just that it can't be one-sided and only benefit the teams that are not good enough by restricting just the aerodynamics or use of simulators," he reasoned, "We're happy to say yes to saving, if the engine compartments are affected in equal measure."



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