Lotus Renault GP team owner Genii Capital has revealed that three-time F1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart is to become a partner in its Genii Business Exchange offshoot.

The Scot's mission will be to reinforce the existing commercial, technological and industrial links between the world of racing and the motor car industry, as well as Genii's core sectors including new technologies, infotainment and cleantech related industries. This is a bridge that Genii Capital is particularly keen on building with companies involved in the design of new-generation on-board telecommunications systems, lightweight braking systems and more generally advanced technologies that have a positive environmental impact.

"The name of Jackie Stewart enjoys international renown in the world of motorsport as well as in industry," Genii founder G?rard Lopez commented, "After his career as a driver, Sir Jackie became a successful entrepreneur and his business activities have been crowned with success as well as enjoying uncontested respect allied to a
very active network. His action in Genii Business Exchange will help us cross an additional threshold in our mid-term plan to develop the links between our technological and sporting activities, as well as increase our global reach."

Genii Business Exchange reached another milestone in its involvement in F1 with the presentation of the new Lotus Renault GP R31 in Valencia earlier this week, and the B2B platform of Genii Capital is now highlighted by an eye-catching presence on the car's sidepods, which is aimed at developing its activity at the summit of motorsport to support the business development of the group's portfolio of companies.

"For the last few years, the automotive world has continued to grow territorially, especially in the emerging markets like China and India," Stewart explained, "As a result, the number of drivers on the world's roads rises constantly. In the same way, F1 is a sport with unparalleled global reach, helped by the arrival of new destinations from season to season.

"Genii Business Exchange established its reputation in the high technology markets and one of its key missions is to build bridges between the competitive racing environment and the technology industry. Now, as a partner of this group, my ambition is to help its development by using the unique platform that Formula 1 represents as a valuable marketing and communication tool. It's a fascinating challenge that I will be happy to rise to in the years ahead."



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