Marussia Virgin Racing's new CEO, Andy Webb, revealed that the philosophy behind the team's 2011 challenge will form the building blocks of what it hopes will be an eventual assault on the F1 podium.

Speaking as the team eschewed the now-familiar roll-out ahead of testing in Spain and opted for an old-school unveiling at BBC Television Centre in London, Webb insisted that the recently-rebranded Marussia Virgin Racing had taken strides behind the scenes designed to improve its performance on track, and admitted that year two of the programme needed to see a step forward in all areas.

"First of all, I am delighted to be joining the team at such an exciting stage in its development," he noted, acknowledging the management reshuffle that took place a week before the MVR-02 was to be unveiled, "The changes we announced last week represent only good news for Marussia Virgin Racing as we bring the strength in depth required to move us forward.

"The watchwords of our 2011 challenge are Ambition, Progress, and Distinctive. Firstly, this team has serious ambitions and we have a clear plan towards being able to compete at the front of the grid. The team's racing aspirations are underpinned by Marussia's ambitious plans to position itself firmly on the worldwide automotive radar and we look forward to a great deal of exciting collaboration between the two programmes.

"Secondly, the team has made enormous progress over the past twelve months. It shouldn't be forgotten that, this time last year, it was still establishing its operational base and putting into place some of the logistical building blocks that other teams have enjoyed for many seasons. We now have a robust racing operation and we have made the necessary further investments required to help move us further up the grid, whilst adhering to the responsible business philosophy under which the team was founded and the spirit of the Resource Restriction Agreement.

"With the help of CSC we have doubled the computing power of the CFD design programme and we have, of course, the strengthened management team to steer us towards a successful future. That is a great deal of progress in such a short space of time."

While the MVR-02 continues to buck the established design trends used by Marussia Virgin's rivals and emerge from the CFD resources used extensively by Nick Wirth, its livery remains largely similar to that of last season, with the red, white and black of Virgin dominating. The design itself is obviously different to 2010, following a raft of rule changes, and a new logo and handful of new sponsors complete the transformation.

"Last, but far from least, we want to be distinctive, to forge our own path," Webb continued, "Marussia Virgin Racing has its own operational style and team culture and this is how we will go racing and engage with our partners and our fans. To underpin this we have created a very exciting new look and feel for the team in terms of our brand design, elements of which have been revealed at today's launch through our car livery and the Tavis Coburn visual identity.

"As the representative for Marussia during its partnership with the team in its debut season, I am ideally placed to comment on the benefits that an association with the team can bring - the team is now, after all, called Marussia Virgin Racing. We look forward to rewarding the faith of our existing partners and to welcoming new brands who can share in the commercial possibilities that Marussia now enjoys."

Nikolay Fomenko, president of Marussia Motors and the Marussia Virgin team's new engineering director, added that he was excited to see his brand take on greater involvement with the team, even if he was not expecting huge inroads to be made into the advantage enjoyed by the established outfits.

"Last season, the Marussia brand featured on the VR-01; this year we are extremely proud that Marussia is not only integrated into the livery, but also the name of the car and the team," he commented, "I'm particularly pleased that we will be operating under a Russian license in 2011, which means that we can look forward to seeing our national flag being raised on the occasion of our first podium finish!

"In 2011, however, our objective is to finish every race and regularly compete in Q2. We need to continually make small, but significant, steps this season to move us up the field, [and] I am excited about the potential, in the future, to benefit from exchanging ideas on technology between the F1 team and the road car programme."



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