Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner has admitted that discussions about a possible budget cap in F1 are once again taking the place.

The issue of a budget cap almost split the sport two years ago after then FIA president Max Mosley revealed plans to bring a cap into the sport, with the team's rebelling against the plans before agreeing to introduce a Resource Restriction Agreement which would limit spending in certain areas.

Despite that agreement, there have still been arguments about the amount being spent by some teams in the paddock, with Horner revealing that talks are now 'heading in the right direction' with the Formula One Teams Association over a possible cap in spending in all areas.

That would remove the situation where teams are able to spend varying amounts of money on areas like engine development and marketing.

"[The RRA] has been a very good focus because now you have some financial regulations that have forced the teams to be efficient whereas previously there were inefficiencies I guess in all of them," he said "We agree with restricting activity but don't cherry-pick. Let's do a transparent once-and-for-all deal with this."

Horner added that an agreement would remove the current infighting over how much Red Bull spent last year in pursuit of the title, with FOTA investigating whether the team went outside the RRA.

"The other major problem Red Bull Racing had with the RRA was that [other teams] wanted to introduce a penalty which just encourages infighting," he said. "The little teams see an opportunity to make some income and you end up with a situation of whistle-blowing. You can see it at the moment, it is putting the teams against each other which is not what FOTA was supposed to do."

"Contrary to speculation, we completely adhered to the RRA within 2010. Red Bull Racing had their cheapest ever year in Formula One last year in terms of their net spend and that will diminish further this year. The RRA saved us a lot of money."



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