Nico Rosberg has reiterated that winning his maiden grand prix is his main target for F1 2011.

Rosberg, who made his debut at the pinnacle of the sport with Williams back in 2006, will go into his sixth season in the top flight this year and while he impressed last season - and comprehensively overshadowed his illustrious team-mate, Michael Schumacher - the 25-year-old has yet to get up on the top step of the podium.

"I definitely want to win a race [this year]," Rosberg told the official F1 website. "First one and then building on that win. Isn't it crazy? I've won all my life and then five years in F1 and no win. That is spooky. But I don't see this as a flaw.

"Take my two P3 finishes last season - they were like victories for me and for my team. But for sure P1 is still the goal."

Pressed on if he feels he has made some bad decisions in the past or if he has just been unlucky not to get a victory, Rosberg conceded some choices may not have been the best.

"One thing is obvious - I haven't won a race yet so obviously some of my decisions haven't been so great," he confirmed. "[But] having said that, I am happy now with where I am - with the Mercedes team. That's a dream.

"It's true I haven't a win under my belt, but that is something that could be just around the next corner. Taking all that into consideration I have to say that overall I can live quite happily with the decisions I have taken so far. And regarding luck, I consider myself lucky that in the perfect moment for me the Mercedes team was formed and I was considered based on my performances."

Asked if he is at all envious of what F1 2010 world champion Sebastian Vettel has achieved in just three seasons, Rosberg was adamant that is not the case: "There is clearly not any envy. Hats off to what he's achieved. I don't have any problem with it whatsoever, but I am also looking forward to my time arriving," he concluded.



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