Bernie Ecclestone has said he will wait and see what develops in Bahrain before a decision is taken about whether of not the 2011 F1 season opener will take place.

Just a matter of hours after Ecclestone told the BBC that his team in Bahrain had said there were 'no problems' in the Gulf state, news broke that security forces had opened fire on anti-government protestors who had streamed into the capital Manama following the funerals of those killed in protests earlier in the week.

With reports that the army has been using live rounds of ammunition, and with the situation deteriorating, Ecclestone said it was time to wait and see what develops before a decision is taken on the race.

"I don't know what has happened this afternoon because I've been travelling, but from what I've been told it's a bit different to this morning because of this funeral that's gone on which is what you would expect I suppose," he told the BBC in a second interview.

"I don't fear anything, " he then replied when asked if he feared the race would be cancelled, "I just think things have changed and that we should wait and see over the weekend exactly what changes there have been."



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