Fernando Alonso was in philosophical mood after the second day of F1 testing at Catalunya, despite running into problems with the new Ferrari F150th Italia for the first time.

The Spaniard had enjoyed trouble-free running before an electrical gremlin on Saturday morning saw him stop on track, while another mechanical issue in the afternoon saw the home favourite sidelined in the garage while the team carried out repairs.

Despite that, Alonso managed 90 laps and the third quickest time and he was in philosophical mood at the end of the day - even though he again admitted that Ferrari aren't the team in the best position at the current moment.

"One of the mechanics said to me that when things go well in Barcelona, we don't win the championship, while if we have problems here, then it's a different story: let's hope that's really the case!" he said. "I still believe that, at the moment the Red Bull is the strongest car, but there are at least four other teams - us, McLaren, Mercedes and Renault - that are capable of fighting for the wins. It is always very difficult to assess the results from testing: it only takes ten kilos more or less fuel or for worn tyres to be used at any one point in the day, to make a difference that can amount to seconds."

Despite his problems, Alonso was able to collect more data with the new Pirelli tyre and he admitted that the degradation being suffered by teams was going to lead to a change in approach during the year ahead.

"Here again we saw degradation similar to what we had noticed both in Valencia and Jerez at the first two tests," he said. "If we had to race at the Catalunya Circuit tomorrow, we would need three or even four stops to finish the race, however it will not be just a case of changing the way we tackle the race, but also the entire weekend track time, from free practice through to qualifying.

"Tyre wear will definitely create the best overtaking opportunities: if you find yourself fighting against a driver on tyres that are at the start or the end of their stint, the performance difference could be very big, which would make for overtaking, even more definitely than using KERS and the moveable rear wing."

Felipe Massa now takes over at the wheel of the Ferrari for the next two days.

To view times from the second day of testing in Barcelona, CLICK HERE.



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