Jarno Trulli has voiced his concern about the new Pirelli tyres in the countdown to the F1 2011 season.

Pirelli will take over from Bridgestone this season as the sole tyre supplier and while a number of drivers have said the degradation is a lot higher, with Felipe Massa noting earlier this week that it's definitely not easy to look after them [see separate story - click here], Trulli has said the real issue in his view is the lack of balance.

"I think their development work was missing something," the Team Lotus man told Autosprint. "The tyres are not balanced yet. I think this is the biggest problem at the moment.

"Pirelli says the FIA has asked them to make the tyres wear quickly. But I don't think this is the problem.

"In my opinion, the degradation is secondary to the balance on the track. At the moment when you have the new tyres there is initially understeer and then after three laps the behaviour is different - you have impossible oversteer instead," he added.



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