Kamui Kobayashi says he is unconvinced that the re-introduction of KERS and a new moveable rear wing will increase the amount of overtaking seen during the 2011 F1 season.

KERS will be used by most of the teams on the grid this season, while drivers will also be able to use the moveable wing to increase overtaking opportunities when they are within a second of the car in front.

How the system works in a racing environment remains to be seen, but Kobayashi for one remains unconvinced.

"At the moment I guess so," he said when asked if fans will see more overtaking during the year ahead. "Although I don't believe the KERS will help because almost everybody has it. So it is only the rear wing and I'm not sure if the idea for the races of the one second gap to the car in front will really work.

"The most important question is how you can improve lap times with the new systems and by how much. I am working to get used to the new systems. It is a driver task and people who are using it well will have an advantage compared to those who are using it less efficiently. It is a matter of concentration, that is true. I can definitely manage that. Regarding all the talk - well, we are race drivers and complaining sometimes can be part of the business."

Kobayashi did however admit that the new Pirelli tyres would spice up the action on track.

"First of all I think Pirelli has done a good job within a short period of time," he said. "The outcome are tyres which are different in almost every aspect compared to what we have been used to. The grip level is lower, the tyres don't last as long, and once you overdrive them the drop is dramatic and can be five seconds per lap. But these characteristics didn't occur by accident and they will produce a lot pit stops and exciting races."



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