Robert Kubica's manager has stressed that it is 'impossible to predict' if and when the Lotus Renault GP star will be able to rejoin the grand prix grid following the injuries he sustained in his high-speed rallying accident on the Ronde di Andora last month.

Kubica was left with a broken leg, broken arm and partially-severed hand after the Skoda Fabia RS he was sharing with co-driver Jakub Gerber left the road on the minor event in northern Italy. In the impact, a piece of guardrail pierced right through the car, leaving the Pole badly injured but lucky not to be killed.

The 26-year-old has remained in the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure close to Genoa ever since, under the expert care of Dr. Mario Igor Rossello, who has presided over several rounds of major surgery.

The fact that there have been no complications or any signs of infection [see separate story - click here] is undeniably positive, but whilst the earliest 'passive physiotherapy' has begun and despite Kubica's pronouncement that he is eyeing a return to F1 before the 2011 season is out, his manager Daniel Morelli insists it is still far too soon to make any accurate forecasts.

"Robert is recovering well," the Italian told Radio Sportiva, "but at the moment it is impossible to predict if and when he returns to racing. We must distinguish between our optimism and the indulging of fanciful assumptions. At the moment, it's impossible to talk about timeframes."

Double F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso - a close friend of Kubica's - visited his fellow poker player again following the recent Barcelona test and revealed that 'he is recovering from his operations and is bored with the 16 or 17-hour days with nothing to do', whilst Morelli has confirmed that the former Canadian Grand Prix-winner has resolved not to sue rally organisers over his injuries.

"The police investigations are still ongoing, and of course that will take its time as well," he stated. "What is certain is that the guardrails were dangerous."



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