The FIA has confirmed that it will amend the Sporting Regulations to allow Pirelli to carry out additional tyre testing on a Grand Prix weekend.

Under the change, announced following the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council, teams will be given the chance to run an additional specification of dry tyre for evaluation purposes during Friday testing.

"The latest amendments to the Sporting Regulations are simply another part of our pre-season preparations as we build up to our Grand Prix debut in just over two weeks time,' Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said. "We needed to put in place a mechanism within the regulations now to allow us to test new tyres in a competitive context this year if necessary, and it's great that we have this possibility open to us because we are already hard at work defining the specification of our tyres for the future.

"Without this potential opportunity we would be unable to test with a current car and would be relying solely on a previous generation vehicle, so it could be a good solution to the testing issue for both ourselves and the teams."

Teams may also be allocated an additional set of prime tyres at selected races this year, with the extra set of tyres being available for use during the two Friday sessions.

"We're not sure how often or indeed if at all we are going to use these fresh opportunities," Hembery added. "But the effect is to open up our options by putting in place at an early stage some pre-determined processes before we get into the swing of the season. Both the teams and ourselves are having to take on a lot of data in a comparatively short space of time, so the latest tyre regulation amendments from the World Motor Sport Council could help to accelerate that learning process if required."



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