The FIA has revealed that it will ask its Circuit Design Group to look into whether F1 circuits can be changed in an effort to improve overtaking.

With the return of KERS and the introduction of a moveable rear wing, the governing body had hoped to increase overtaking opportunities for the season ahead although there have been mixed reactions to the rear wing during testing so far.

Bernie Ecclestone and Sir Jackie Stewart have both questioned whether the rear wing is the right way to try and improve overtaking, with former F1 champion Stewart laying much of the blame for a lack of overtaking at the door of circuit designer Hermann Tilke [See separate story HERE].

FIA president Jean Todt had previously been quoted as saying that something needed to be done to improve overtaking, with the latest meeting of the World Motor Sport Council revealing that current circuits - as well as those hoping to earn a place on the calendar - will be looked at to try and increase overtaking opportunities.

"The Circuit Design Group is examining Grand Prix Circuits to identify the possibility of increasing the opportunities for overtaking," an FIA statement read.



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