F1 governing body the FIA has promised to continue to respect the deadline it has given Bahrain to resolve whether or not it is in a position to be reinstated on the sport's 2011 calendar, despite the worsening of the political unrest in the desert kingdom this week.

Following the deployment of troops from neighbouring Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in a bid to restore order in the wake of renewed protests against the ruling royal family in the capital city of Manama - leaving more than 200 people injured - a three-month state of emergency was yesterday (Tuesday) declared in the tiny Gulf state as it teeters on the brink of what some fear could be outright war [see separate story - click here].

The latest development seemed to have dashed all hopes of rescheduling the postponed F1 2011 curtain-raiser later on in the campaign, but the FIA has revealed that the 1 May deadline remains in-place.

"There were many people involved in making that decision, and for now the [World Motor Sport] Council will respect the deadline," a spokesman explained. "There is an obligation to that, but clearly the situation is fluid. We're adapting to information day-by-day, [and] we will react when it is the right moment."



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