Pirelli's head of motorsport Paul Hembery says the tyre supplier is 'where it wants to be' going into the opening round of the new F1 season in Australia.

Pirelli makes a return to the grid this season as sole supplier to the entire grid after the departure of Bridgestone at the end of 2010 and has carried out extensive testing ahead of the new season, both in private tests and with the competing teams.

With the tyres set to spice up the action and lead to a change in strategy thanks to increased degradation, Hembery insisted that Pirelli was well placed going into the opening round of the year at Albert Park and had delivered the product it had been asked for.

"We're where we want to be for first race," he told the Press Association. "Cars are lapping at different speeds so that there can be overtaking. There will be more pit stops and that will create more overtaking. Racing will improve a lot and help the show. Everything is already pointing in that direction: We're talking tyres.

"Change is often something that makes people slightly worried. But we're getting descriptions of differences rather than problems. We were given directives from teams and promoters to help the show. How on earth can we create that show? We have to make people change their tyres and use their tyres. So people on the circuit will be going faster and slower."

However, in a further interview with Sport360?, Hembery insisted that Pirelli would never be 'satisfied' with the development work it has carried out as being satisfied would in turn lead to complacency.

"I think the nature of Formula One is that whoever you are - a driver, a team, or a tyre manufacturer - you are never satisfied, as there is always scope for improvement and more work to be done," he said. "The minute you start being satisfied in Formula One is probably the minute you start going backwards. But I'm confident that we have fulfilled our brief and that we are as well-prepared as we could be with the time that we've had available - which is not very much time at all.

"In the end, the performance on track will do the talking and we don't have long to wait before the first race."



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