Tony Fernandes has launched a stinging verbal attack on some of his enemies as the bitter Lotus naming row reaches fever pitch just days away from the beginning of the F1 2011 World Championship campaign, hitting out at the manner in which 'greed corrupts and turns people into monsters' and insisting that 'the good will always win'.

Whilst it is unclear as to exactly whom the outburst is targeted at, it would seem safe to assume that Fernandes' anger is with either Dany Bahar - Group Lotus CEO, and the man who effectively pulled the rug out from under his feet when the controversial Turkish businessman's own F1 ambitions with Renault this year initiated the whole dispute - or else David Hunt, who up until very recently had been a staunch ally.

The pair have fallen out, however, over what Hunt - the man who purchased the original Team Lotus from the administrators after the legendary outfit financially collapsed back in 1994 - accused Fernandes of reneging on the terms of their agreement regarding payment for the rights to use the name, with the Englishman now refusing to support the AirAsia founder in his High Court battle with Bahar and further legal wrangles brewing in the background [see separate story - click here]. Confused? Join the club!

In an effort to reiterate his own stance, Fernandes has now tweeted the following:

"Amazing how greed corrupts and turns people into monsters. So damn determined to remain Team Lotus. Never been so determined. The good will always win. I am so looking forward to going racing, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

"Never said it, but after all we have been subjected to, we deserve to be Team Lotus. I am so proud of each and every team member for the honesty, the hard work and the amazing passion they have put into this team in one year.

"We built a team on trust and belief and passion. That's worth more than all the money anyone can give me. It's what dreams and legends are made of. We did it for the right reasons."



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