Team Lotus man Jarno Trulli is hopeful the adjustable rear wing will help improve the spectacle this year.

Trulli will start his 15th season at the pinnacle of the sport in Australia this weekend and while he conceded that the DRS - drag reduction system, aka the moveable rear wing - felt a bit strange at first, he added that all the drivers' are now pretty much use to it.

"People sometimes ask me what the acceleration of a F1 car is like, and the only way I can describe it is that it's like driving a rocket - and now [thanks to the DRS] we have a rocket that suddenly takes another leap forward when it's already at full speed!" he stated ahead of the F1 2011 season opener.

"It was a strange feeling the first time we used the moveable rear wing, because you suddenly have about 15 percent less drag and therefore a lot more speed. The more you use the wing though the more you get used to it and its effect on the car's behaviour.

"We can use it wherever we like in practice and qualifying but in the races it'll only be when we're within one second of the car ahead and in the designated area so I think it will have a big part to play strategically.

"We'll see how it improves the actual racing, but I hope it will make a difference," Trulli concluded.



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