With the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne marking the beginning of the eagerly-anticipated F1 2011 World Championship campaign this weekend, the official F1(TM) 2011 Timing and Track Positioning App is now available on the App Store and Android Market.

Already award-winning - claiming the SportBusiness Ultimate Sports App Award 2010 for providing the ultimate value-added experience throughout a race weekend - and 5*-rated by iTunes last year, the 2011 App promises to bring even more excitement, content and choice to the user, with a variety of brand new features now available alongside those that have proven to be a hit with the sport's fans so far.

For the first time this year, pause has been enabled during live sessions, allowing the user to quickly replay the action as soon as it unfolds - so even if you miss your alarm, there is no need to miss a minute of the excitement! The F1(TM) 2011 Live Timing and Track Positioning App offers users more than 130 hours of racing action, brought direct and in perpetuity from the track straight to the handheld as it all unfolds.

Real-time track positions and data stream directly from the track to the 'phone, with a fully-interactive 3D map giving a view of the entire circuit, complete with driver positions, gaps and pit-stops throughout any given lap. Importantly, wireless is not needed to enjoy the App, which also runs on GPRS, so it can be viewed anywhere.

More timing data has been added to the App in 2011, and the live timing screens and leader boards have been revised to make the data even more accessible. Corner numbers and names have now been added to the map view, and 3D track navigation means the map can be panned easily so that you can position the track exactly where you want it. There's also much more information at your fingertips, thanks to a redesigned info base, and the App has been optimised so that it runs even faster than before.

Zoom in to follow a specific driver or out to get a view of the entire lap, split the screen to see the timing screens alongside the on-map action or follow the live leader board as the race unfolds. You can also follow live text commentary - in English, French or German - or review the action again-and-again.

For F1 fans, this really is an App to bring all the detail and minutiae of each and every session to life!

For further information, visit www.softpauer.com, or click here to download the App now!

Meanwhile, to see a video of the Official F1(TM) 2010 Live Timing App, click here - more coming soon!



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