F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has hit out at FIA president Jean Todt on the eve of the F1 2011 opener in Australia.

Ecclestone, who was a close friend of former president, Max Mosely, added that Todt is an inferior replacement. He also noted that the Frenchman's bid to make the sport more environmentally friendly is a 'complete joke'.

"Jean Todt is a poor man's Max," Ecclestone told British tabloid newspaper, the Daily Express today. "He has been travelling around the world doing what Max didn't do too much - kissing the babies and shaking the hands. It is probably good for the FIA but we don't need it in F1."

Ecclestone meanwhile also remains adamant that the switch to smaller 1.6 litre turbo engines in 2013 is a bad move - 'it's not F1, it doesn't sound anything like F1' is Bernie's view - and he isn't pleased to see KERS back either, especially as the device was shelved last year after its unsuccessful introduction in 2009.

"It [KERS] has just cost an awful lot of money and I don't know what it has proven. I don't think anyone knows or cares what it is or what it does. I get upset with these things," Ecclestone continued.

"We should write the rules with the teams. The competitors have got to race and have got a big investment. We have got a big investment.

"We should write the rules, give them to the FIA and they should make sure they are followed.

"It should be like the police - the police don't write the rules and say you've got to do 30 mph. The FIA is a joke."



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