FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting has dismissed speculation that Red Bull's front wing could fall foul of regulations that limit the flexing of aerodynamic components fitted to F1 cars.

There had been accusations following the Australian Grand Prix that the front wing on the RB7 had flexed more than allowed, with Lewis Hamilton having been person to question the part after mechanics were seen to be repeatedly fixing the endplates on the wing after they were damaged on the circuit and kerbs.

"Have you seen Vettel's front wing?," he was quoted as telling Bild newspaper. "Either we close the loophole or everyone will copy it."

Red Bull had been accused of running a front wing that flexed excessively last season, although the part was cleared by the FIA, with the team believing that accusations from other teams were merely sour grapes as the RB6 stormed to both championship titles.

Following the latest accusations, Whiting has insisted there is nothing untoward with the Red Bull car and dismissed talk they could fall foul of the regulations.

"We have found nothing unusual," he also told Bild. "The car is in order."



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