Former F1 racer Gerhard Berger has called for the sport to adopt a 'simpler' approach when it comes to solving the issue of overtaking, rather than adopt a series of systems which make it more difficult for fans to understand what they are seeing on track.

The season opener in Melbourne saw the return of KERS and the introduction of a moveable rear wing in an effort to improve overtaking, although the DRS system failed to have the desired effect - albeit on a circuit that wasn't expected to be well suited to its usage.

Berger however insisted that he didn't want to see the sport focus so much on technology to solve the current problems of overtaking, and insisted that the way in which the title fight panned out last year suggested there wasn't as much wrong as some may feel.

"This is the wrong approach," he was quoted as telling the Austrian station Servus TV. "I want to see racing, where if you want to get past, you have to brake later. The audience does not want to be completely overwhelmed [by complicated systems] but rather see very simple rules and racing, the same for Formula One as with football.

"I don't even know why we always have to talk about overtaking. Everyone seems to complain but in recent years, the World Championships have been very interesting.

"In most cases it is decided at the last race, last year there were four drivers in with a chance. And there has been overtaking."



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