FIA President Jean Todt says he will not appoint an F1 Commissioner after deciding it is not necessary to delegate certain decision-making responsibility to another role.

The former Ferrari team principal said at the time of his election to the FIA presidency in August 2009 that he would appoint commissioners to the FIA sanctioned championships, including Formula 1, to manage day-to-day affairs.

The Frenchman has since retracted that, claiming that such a role is no longer necessary now he has a better understanding of FIA's structure.

"I had a superficial understanding about the FIA and how it worked, " he is quoted as saying on former F1 commentator James Allen's blog. "So definitely with this superficial understanding we made some proposals. Most of them as long as they are constructive will be maintained.

"I thought it would be a good idea to have a commissioner for each FIA championships. But we have done a review of all the commissions and if you have a strong president of every commission then why do you need an F1 commissioner?"

It means Todt remains crucial to the bigger decisions handed down by the FIA, though he insists his say isn't final, as shown by Pirelli getting the nod to replace Bridgestone as tyre supplier when Todt had favoured Michelin.

"I don't need to interact with everything," he said. "I need to be involved but I never make any autocratic decisions - I cannot. We have an F1 commission."



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