Commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that CVC - the owners of F1 - could look to appoint an independent chairman, despite previous reports to the contrary.

The issue of whether a chairman will be brought in has been raised by the ongoing saga related to the jailed German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky, who is alleged to have taken a bribe when involved in the sale of shares in F1 to CVC back in 2006.

Appointing a chairman was seen as a way for Delta Topco, the holding company of F1, to gain extra credibility ahead of a potential share sale.

While media reports have suggested that any plan to bring in a chairman had been shelved, Ecclestone said that the topic was still up for discussion although he insisted that the rumours weren't linked into a sale and that appointed a chairman wasn't necessarily something that would happen.

Ecclestone also admitted that any potential changes that may occur in future wouldn't impact on his own role.

"We will probably bring the chairman up again at a board meeting," he told Pitpass. "We haven't got a chairman.

"I don't know what a chairman does. We don't need the board, we don't need any of them to be honest. I am the chief executive and I will do what I continue to do."



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