Sebastian Vettel says he is confident that Red Bull will resolve its KERS issue and be able to use the system throughout the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

The defending champions were unable to use the energy recovery system in Australia and then hit issues in Malaysia, with Mark Webber's KERS failing at the start and Vettel told to stop using it mid-race after problems developed.

Despite that, Vettel has scored a maximum 50 points from the first two races and will seek to extend his championship lead in Shanghai, with the German saying the team had worked hard in the week since Sepang to ensure it can use KERS throughout the Chinese weekend.

"I think I said many times that KERS is an advantage this year so to run KERS will actually help you if you're looking for lap time and performance," he said. "Compared to two years ago, you obviously don't have any flexibility or any advantage to get by moving the weight distribution and so on. Your hands are tied this year so it makes sense to run KERS and it's our target obviously.

"We were not proud not to have it in Australia. We were, for the majority of the weekend, able to run it in Malaysia and within that short amount of time I think we made a big step. Obviously now we've only had a couple of days but the guys again have been pushing very hard and I'm confident we will have it in the car, that's for sure and I'm confident that it will work all weekend this weekend.

"Yes, we will be using it tomorrow - and Saturday and Sunday, I hope."



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