Lewis Hamilton remains adamant that, in his opinion, he should not have been penalised for the incident with Fernando Alonso in Malaysia, even though he has accepted the loss of seventh place.

The Briton appeared to survive the clash with his former McLaren nemesis, which saw Alonso have to pit for a new front wing, but then had to pit for another set of tyres before the chequered flag, dropping to seventh on the road, ironically behind the Ferrari. That then became eighth when a 20-second penalty was applied to his race time for 'weaving', after the stewards adjudged that Hamilton had changeed direction on more than than allowed one occasion.

Alonso also received a penalty for the contact with the rear of the McLaren, but did not lose his eventual sixth place, while Kamui Kobayashi benefited by moving into Hamilton's seventh place. The Briton, who again appeared to have the pace to challenge Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel after pushing the German close in qualifying, arrived in China for this week's third round resigned to the fact that he had been docked a couple of points, but insisting that he did not feel that he had done much wrong.

"You leave the track and you think about it for a while, but then you put it behind you," he told the official F1 website, "You get on the plane and probably still think about the different scenarios, but then you fall asleep and, when you wake up, it's over. You get on with your race preparation and training.

"There was not much to say. I don't think that I was over-defending my position. I am a racer and people want to see racing. I would not put myself or anyone else in danger in a million years. I think that I've always raced with my heart and made pretty smart decisions when it comes to racing and defending.

"When you are defending you have to make your car as wide as possible. The rules says that you're not allowed to make more than one manoeuvre to defend. So I don't see why they said that I was defending too much because on the straight [Alonso] ten or 15 metres behind me. I was not defending at that stage.

"But it is how you interpret the rules and you can't do anything about it. Twenty seconds was not too bad. I lost one place, but I was already so far back that it didn't make a huge difference to me. I think I lost two points. Of course, two points could be a deciding factor at the end of the year, but I hope I can make them up as well."

Despite accepting the McLaren was still second best to Red Bull in Malaysia, Hamilton says that he will be heading to China looking to come out on top and halt Vettel's winning run, which stretches back into his successful championship assault in late 2010. Races on successive weekends, he says, will be the best way to get over the frustration of Sepang.

"When you have your head completely clear again, you move forward," he explained, "I want to win. I love these back-to-back races when you didn't have such a good first one, as you immediately have the chance to make a change within a week. I definitely want to make a change.

"I was on form the whole race and, yes, it was satisfying to see that [I could match Vettel], especially in the first and second stints where the pace was okay. If I hadn't been stuck behind [Nick] Heidfeld, I would have been able to keep very close behind Sebastian.

"There is no reason why [McLaren can't challenge in China]. At the last race, lots of positive aspects contributed to the pace of our car. When it is so hot, you normally have to open the cooling and the radiators, which reduces the downforce, but we didn't have to do it. Maybe Red Bull had to do it, so maybe they lost a bit of speed but, here in China, it is cooler so they should be on top form this weekend, but we have some upgrades that will hopefully work.

"We are knocking at their door, that's for sure. But I think, from race to race, it will be different. They are improving and so are we. We were closer at the last race as they took a step back, whilst we didn't improve. Overall, I think we are right there in the chase, even though I still think that they have a slight advantage. I hope that we will find something this weekend that will enable us to fight for pole position and then compete for a win!"



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