Williams chairman Adam Parr has insisted that the new engines being designed for the 2013 Formula 1 season will be good for the sport, despite opposition from commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone.

Ecclestone has criticised the fact that the current V8 engines will be replaced by 1.6-litre turbo charged units from 2013 onwards, saying that the change - being seen as a way to make the sport 'greener' - will lead to cars that sound 'terrible' and will alienate fans.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has also questioned the move but Parr insisted that the change would be good and would remove a barrier that is preventing the sport from growing.

"Formula One is ultimately defined by its technology and Formula One's constant reinvention of itself, whether it's on the chassis side or the engine side, is fundamental to the nature of the sport," he told Reuters. "The people who don't want things to change are the people who for whatever reason feel they have an incumbent advantage by not changing things.

"The problem with that is the sport will lose its interest very quickly if people think that it is standing still. Why do we need a new engine? Well, we've got this V8 which essentially in one shape or another...has been going for years. The technology is dated, it's not what's going on out in the real world and I think it's a major, major barrier to bringing in new partners and growing the sport."

Parr added that the new engines, which would be turbocharged and turbo-compounded, would make use of a KERS system which is four times more powerful than the system being used during the current season.

"It will have one fan generating electricity to super-charge the engine, another fan to recover energy from the exhausts which will recharge a battery and then be usable," he said. "You are going to have a powertrain generating well over 800hp from four cylinders. I think its going to sound fantastic. It's going to run on pure electric in the pitlane.

"You've got cutting edge technology, I mean really the future of road cars, you're going to have a very powerful message about environmental performance and what technology can do. And the racing will be just as exciting, if not more."



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