Former F1 racer Jean Alesi has predicted that the 2011 F1 season could turn into a classic after a dramatic third race of the year in China.

Sebastian Vettel saw his run of victories brought to an end after a battling drive from Lewis Hamilton saw him steal a first win of the season in the closing laps, while Vettel's Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber stormed through from the back of the field to secure a place on the podium.

The race also saw a large number of overtaking moves as drivers made the most of both the Drag Reduction System and KERS, while the new Pirelli tyres also played a part in spicing up the action.

Alesi, now a spokesman for Renault backers Group Lotus, said he felt the new Pirelli rubber had had the biggest impact on racing thus far in 2011 and even though he admits he isn't a fan of either DRS or KERS, he said everything was combining to create a classic season of racing.

"As I see it, the biggest impact this year is clearly the tyres," he said. "Towards the end of the race, things get really intense and this is great from a fans perspective - it creates some very exciting and unpredictable racing. I'm not the biggest fan of the way DRS is working, in principal I think the idea is great but I'm not convinced about the implementation. And KERS doesn't really work for me but let's see what unfolds during the next few races.

"One thing is for sure, the racing is really entertaining this year, I think we're on for a classic F1 season!"



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