A new political alliance in Germany could put the future of F1 at the Nurburgring at risk according to news reports in the German press.

The Nurburgring currently alternates hosting of the German Grand Prix with Hockenheim after the European Grand Prix moved to the streets of Valencia back in 2008.

However, elections in the Rhineland-Palatinate state have seen the ruling SPD party lose its absolute majority, with the green party tripling its vote to lead to the formation of a ruling coalition.

That move could now put any state funding for the Nurburgring race at risk, with the green party keen to put a stop to funding which is used to support the F1 race.

"I have nothing against car racing in the Eifel," green state party chief Daniel Kobler was quoted as telling the DPA news agency. "I just have a problem if tax money is needed to ensure that more millions and billions are reaped in profits (by F1).

"In the negotiations with the SPD, we will work to permanently remove the subsidies for the 'Ring in the foreseeable future."



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