Drivers may have to make do without the new Drag Reduction System at the Monaco Grand Prix, it has been reported.

According to reports by, the teams and drivers will all be consulted at the Turkish Grand Prix in two weeks time on whether or not the system should be allowed at the Principality at the end of May.

Reaction to the system has been mixed thus far, although it did seems to help spice up the action and aid overtaking in Malaysia and China, after onnly having had limited effect in Australia. The issue with Monaco though is not only where to actually have the DRS zone in the race - the main straight is thought to be too short - but also there is a worry with drivers able to use it freely in practice and qualifying it could increase the chance of accidents.

Indeed only recently former F1 race Olivier Panis hit out at the new DRS system and branded it too dangerous [see separate story - click here].

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