Despite seeing Sebastian Vettel qualify at the head of the field for the first three races of the season, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has questioned whether or not being on pole position is key to winning in F1 any longer.

Vettel's team-mate Mark Webber produced one of the drives of the season so far in the recent Chinese Grand Prix to come from 18th on the grid to finish third.

That came after the Australian was able to make the most of a revised strategy utilising an extra set of Pirelli soft tyres that he would have used for the second and third phases of qualifying.

With the new tyres, and the introduction of both KERS and the Drag Reduction System, more overtaking was seen in China than in many races in recent memory and Horner said teams were now being forced to rethink their approach to race weekends as a result.

"It makes you question the value of qualifying," he told the Sunday Times. "Now the cars can overtake and with such a big difference between old and new tyres, we are going to have to reassess at each track how important it is to get to the front of the grid. Our strategists will look at how we should be structuring our race weekends.

"According to the characteristics of the track and the tyres at any given weekend, you might want to tilt the whole thing in favour of having fast, new tyres at key parts of the race, maybe at the expense of qualifying. You have to do a lot of overtaking to make it work, but Mark showed it can be done. You could say he needed a couple more laps to have won.

"With two laps less we could have won with Sebastian, using a conventional strategy, based on good grid position."



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