Dr Francesco Lanza, the director of orthopedics at the Santa Corona Hospital, says the situation regarding Robert Kubica is 'very satisfying' after the Lotus Renault F1 driver was released from hospital earlier this week.

Kubica had been in the hospital since the rallying accident in February that left him with multiple injuries, and has undergone hours of surgery on his arm and elbow in recent months.

Having made solid progress, Kubica was discharged by doctors to continue his recovery at home [See separate story HERE], with his aim being to try and get back behind the wheel of an F1 machine before the end of the year.

However, while he admits to being satisfied with the progress being made, Dr Lanza said it was too early to say when Kubica would be back behind the wheel.

"I'd say he is definitely fine, generally the situation is very satisfying," he told 422race.com. "The mood as well. Moreover, as far as I know him, he's a person of great character and grit. I'd say definitely the mood is very high."

"[However] You can't do any prevision, in either sense. I'd say the perspectives are definitely much better than when we started and this is very important. We can't commit ourselves, but we can't either dismiss anything. His functional recovery surprised us as well: if this will let him do something very specific as driving a Formula One car, it's still very difficult to say. But we have the necessary conditions, even higher than we expected.

"We can sincerely say we are optimistic that this person could recover a good function of the limb. With the will and the grit he has shown, we can't dismiss anything."



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