Bernie Ecclestone says Rupert Murdoch has a 'close to zero' chance of securing control of Formula 1 and says that reports suggesting that the News Corp boss is eyeing a deal is nothing more than media driven speculation.

Reports emerged last week that News Corp was considering the formation of a consortium to try and take control of F1 from the private equity firm CVC, although Ecclestone quickly moved to deny those stories [See separate story HERE].

In a further inteview with the Reuters news agency, Ecclestone has again played down the story by insisting that there was nothing to the initial reports and that it had come from advisors seeking to make money.

"It's media driven," he said. "It looks very much like someone who is trying to see if they can make (money). All of these people that get involved with these things, they get some victims and say 'We can make this happen, I'm sure we can do this' and then all they do is keep pumping fees in."

Added that he felt there was no chance of Murdoch gaining control, Ecclestone said that if it were to happen, F1 couldn't be taken onto a fully pay-per-view platform when it came to TV rights.

"Definitely, 100 per cent," he replied when asked if free-to-air coverage was still an issue. "If, and I think the chances are close to zero, but if Murdoch was to buy certainly he'd have to broadcast some free to air like it is now."



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