Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management chief executive Richard Cregan has confirmed that chances will be made to the Yas Marina circuit over the summer in an attempt to improve overtaking.

The circuit came under attack following the 2010 season finale over a lack of overtaking, with Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber both unable to find a way past the slower Renault of Vitaly Petrov for the majority of the race.

In an effort to improve overtaking and make the action more exciting, changes will now take place which are also aimed at attracting two-wheeled racing to the venue,

"We wanted to hold motorbike races in the future and we had to look at the modifications we'd have to make," Cregan told The National. "We could see what we could do to improve and enhance overtaking.

"We have a team of people working on it at the moment and we are looking at the feedback from drivers in F1, GP2, Australian V8s and the UAE drivers."

Changes are expected to be made to turns six and seven prior to the long back straight, with revisions then being made to turns eight and nine at the West Grandstand.

Rumours have suggested that turn nine could become a banked bend, while there has also been speculation that turns 13 and 14 will be combined into one corner.



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