Team Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen has backed calls for the DRS system to be banned for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Reports have suggested that the unique nature of the Monaco circuit should result in the system being removed from use, with questions over where the DRS zone could be placed in the race and also safety concerns over its usage in both practice and qualifying [See separate story HERE].

Kovalainen has now agreed with the suggestions saying that the street circuit was one where drivers don't want to be faced with any additional distractions beyond the track ahead.

"I think it's not a bad idea," he told ITV-F1. "In Monaco it's generally difficult to overtake anyway and all the potential consequences that there could be in Monaco, you don't want it to fail you don't want to have any attention going anywhere else but at the track.

"So I think there's many things that support that idea [to ban it] and even the fact that you probably don't gain that much of a benefit in Monaco because you just don't have a straight line, or the room, to drive past the other car.

"I think it makes sense."

Kovalainen's Lotus team-mate Jarno Trulli is another man backing a possible ban, telling Autosprint that the use of DRS would be a 'safety issue' in the principality.



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