The man who was at the centre of a failed sponsorship deal between McLaren Mercedes and Libya has insisted that he never had any dealings with Saif Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi.

Former British F3 racer Alex Waters had signed a contract with McLaren to bring in sponsorship from the Libyan Tourist Board, with the team having provided mock-ups of its car carrying a 'Visit Libya' livery.

As it was, the deal never came to fruition and while he admits he was saddened at the time, Waters insists that recent events mean it is 'probably good that it didn't' - with Saif Gaddafi reported to have been killed in a Nato air strike as fighting on Libyan soil continues.

"My contact was through the Libyan Tourist Board," Waters told the Daily Mail. "I never had any contact with Saif Gaddafi, or anyone else involved at that level.

"At the time the British government and other organisations were doing business with Libya, and it was seen as a good thing by many people.

"The deal came to nothing. I hoped it would at the time, obviously, because there was money riding on it. But, given what's gone on in the last few weeks, it's probably good that it didn't."



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