Just days after doubts were cast on its suitability for racing on the tight streets of the Principality, F1's revolutionary Drag Reduction System has been approved for use in round six of the season.

Veteran journalist Adam Cooper revealed the apparent U-turn via his personal blog, claiming that the FIA had given the go-ahead for DRS to be employed, even though several drivers were vocal in their opposition on safety grounds.

According to the update, the matter was discussed during the drivers' briefing in Turkey at the weekend, with GPDA board member Mark Webber a notable opponent to the idea of using DRS in a race where overtaking is already notoriously tricky, but the FIA decided to approve the technology after teams revealed that they would have to develop special 'Monaco wings', having been led to believe that DRS was available for all races.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting, notifying the teams of the governing body's decision, suggested that the DRS zone would be situated on the run to Ste Devote, rather than on the hill between the tunnel and Nouvelle Chicane.



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