Fernando Alonso has moved to reject claims that the new Drag Reduction System has made overtaking in F1 too easy.

The races in China and Turkey saw a noticeable increase in overtaking moves, although many of the moves made in Istanbul came through the DRS zone located through the kink at turn eleven and onto the straight heading to turn twelve.

However, Alonso insists that the introduction of DRS hasn't made overtaking too easy with the new Pirelli tyres playing a key role in making it easier for people to get past one another on track.

"I think it was fine," he told the BBC when asked if DRS had made things too easy. "The overtaking we saw was more from tyre-performance difference than DRS.

"When we [Alonso and Mark Webber] followed Rosberg in the first couple of laps, it was impossible to overtake him but when he started to have tyre degradation it was very easy to overtake him. So it is more tyre-related. It is what the people asked [for]. More show, more pit stops, more overtaking.

"It can be a bit confusing for people. You can follow the first five guys but you cannot follow the 14th place because it is already too many stops.

"But the important thing is [having] lots of people in the grandstands and lots of people in front of the television and hopefully this year it is better."

According to the BBC report, viewing figures for each event so far this season have increased, with Malaysia and China have their highest audiences to date and Turkey being 'substantially' higher than in 2010.



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