Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he is worried that the new rules in F1 are making it difficult for fans to follow the racing action from the side of the track.

The introduction of DRS alongside the return of KERS and a switch to Pirelli tyres has livened up the racing action no end, with China and Turkey in particular seeing huge increases in overtaking.

Speaking following the Istanbul weekend, where he was one of the few people not to be involved in hectic battles on track as he dominated from the front, Vettel said that - while F1 2011-style was exciting for those watching on - it could be difficult to follow for fans watching trackside without TV access.

"I think the real hard time is really for the spectators in the grandstand," he was quoted by ITV. "Sure, if they have a video wall in front of them it's possible for them to follow but after the first stint, especially when you have pit stops every ten to 15 laps, I think it makes it really difficult for the people coming here to visit and to watch, to follow.

"Sure, you maybe understand the first five, first ten, but then not everyone is following the leader or the guy in P2, P3.

"There's also guys from tenth to 24th so it doesn't make it easy for the spectators."



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