Greece is the latest country to have announced its intention to join the F1 calendar in the near future, having approved plans to construct a grand prix-standard circuit close to the western port of Patras.

Following decades of government debates over the potential benefits of welcoming F1, environmental fears and opposition from local residents, the EUR94 million project - to be partly-subsidised by the Greek state - is expected to take three years to bring to completion.

The circuit will be designed to host not only F1 but also motorcycling and karting events, and is to be located close to the town of Farres, twelve miles south-east of Patras.

Former Patras Mayor Evangelos Floratos - now in charge of the company formed to manage the F1 project - told Ta Nea that 'it has taken many years to reach this point', with regional governor Apostolos Katsifaras adding that 'the track will help support development...Western Greece stands to gain a great deal'.



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