Former F1 race winner John Watson has hit out at the use of both KERS and DRS in the sport, arguing that the new Pirelli tyres have been enough to improve the show without the introduction of the two systems.

KERS made a return to the grid for the 2011 season while the Drag Reduction System has been introduced for the first time, allowing drivers to open a flap on the rear wing at a certain point on a lap to try and get ahead of the car in front.

Alongside the new Pirelli tyres, the two systems have led to a noticeable increase in overtaking through the opening four rounds of the season but Watson - a winner of five events during his F1 career - said he felt KERS and DRS weren't needed and were only being used for a performance boost.

"I think we've had a lot of substantial changes and obviously the tyre change has been the biggest factor," he told "In the last GP, we saw a huge amount of overtaking, although maybe not a huge amount of motor racing. I always look to see motor racing and personally I don't need KERS or DRS - I don't feel they are necessary. The tyre situation currently will provide enough in terms of drop off and strategy and while there has been a lot of overtaking, I don't know how much of it has been what I would call motor racing.

"On the other hand, the complaint last year was that there wasn't enough overtaking but there is a balance to be found in the middle. If I was in charge, I would get rid of KERS. It is purely there as a power benefit and isn't going to save the world.

"We are living in this fantasy world of green energy but the reality is that KERS in a racing car is about one thing only and that is performance. It isn't about saving the world and saving dolphins from eating plastic carrier bags somewhere in the Pacific Ocean - it is about performance. As far as DRS is concerned, we just don't need it either."



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