David Coulthard says he is enjoying his new role as F1 co-commentator for the BBC having taken up a position in the commentary box alongside Martin Brundle this season.

The former McLaren and Red Bull Racing driver took over from the much-maligned Jonathan Legard over the winter, with the new partnership becoming instantly popular with fans watching the action from home.

It marks a new move for Coulthard, who had previously been a pundit for the BBC after the broadcaster reclaimed the rights to show F1 in British homes.

"Martin is fantastic," DC said of his co-commentator. "He is such an enthusiast and so knowledgeable from both a drivers point of view and in terms of following every aspect of the sport. To do the role alongside Martin was a no-brainer and if it would have been a more difficult decision to make if it hadn't been alongside him.

"We know each other well enough that I know when he has something covered and he can tell when I'm onto something and hopefully the viewing audience are enjoying our take on it. We aren't pretending to be anything other than former drivers giving our take on things and from the feedback we've had, people seem to be enjoying it."

Coulthard was speaking at Silverstone during the launch of the new pit and paddock complex and the Scot admitted he was impressed with the transformation that the circuit has undergone over the past twelve months.

"It's a very impressive facility," he said. "The most important part of any circuit is the track itself, but there is a demand to have world-class facilities for the teams, guests and the media and Silverstone has invested heavily in it. I think they've delivered.

"There is no question places like Abu Dhabi, with huge government backing, are places you can't compete with on a commercial level as they will never recoup the investment they have made in terms of spectators. It is more a statement of intent but Silverstone is a standalone business and doesn't have government funding so any decision has to be made on a sound business footing. The board has made the commitment and created a great facility and hopefully it will be somewhere the teams love coming to and the drivers enjoy.

"For me as a driver it is all about the circuit, I don't mind if we have a big media centre or not! But to continue operating the Grand Prix you need to have the facilities and Silverstone now stacks up well against its rivals."



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