Renault team boss Eric Boullier has insisted that F1 needs to think long and hard about whether or not the Bahrain Grand Prix should take place.

A decision is due to be taken by 3 June after the FIA extended its deadline for the Gulf State to provide assurances that it was safe for the race to take place.

Bahrain was due to host the opening round of the season before political unrest forced organisers to withdraw the race from the calendar, with a state of emergency being declared by the Bahraini royal family.

That state of emergency is due to be lifted on 1 June ahead of the FIA deadline, but Boullier said the sport needed to be sure that travelling to the country to run the race on a revised date was the correct move.

"If, security is guaranteed; if the foreign ministries in England allow us to travel there; if my guys are happy and if there is a race happening there, we will be happy to race there," he was quoted by Sporting Life. "But the next question would be in the political context - do we have to race there? That is another subject - and I don't really want to enter into that debate.

"But the question has to raised. Does F1 have to go there? It is maybe too early to go there after the dramas. At the end, if I have to balance it, I have to support the idea of racing - but I also have to say that it also maybe not fair to go race there this year. So there is a little bit of a balance to find."



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