The FIA has warned teams with blown diffusers that they could be the subject of a protest during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

The governing body had said it would ban the system earlier this week only to perform a u-turn and put off the ban until after this weekend's Catalunya race.

Despite that decision, the FIA still believes that the part is against regulations with race director Charlie Whiting insisting that he couldn't rule out a protest from teams not running the blown diffuser.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has admitted that teams using blown diffusers when off the throttle run the risk of being the subject of a protest.

"It is always a possibility," he was quoted by Planet-F1. "I've made that clear to the teams that it could happen and then we will take it to the stewards in the normal way.

"We have always maintained in all of our technical directives that we have sent for many years now that this is merely the opinion of the technical department, and anyone is free to challenge it in front of the stewards. It doesn't happen very often but it has happened in the past. As you know with the brakes in Brazil, for example, in 1998.

"But it can happen and I've told the teams that were pleased that we decided to postpone this introduction that it could happen."

Whiting added that it could lead to teams being disqualified from the race, even though it hoped such a move wouldn't happen.

"I would like to think that that probably wouldn't happen, but one never knows," he said. "It is not beyond the realms of possibility. A protest is open to anybody as you know, then it will go before the stewards."



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