The FIA has revealed that it will make use of two DRS zones during the F1 races in Montreal and Valencia.

So far this season, the overtaking aid has been available in one zone under race conditions, with drivers able to open a flap on the rear wing if they are within a second of the car in front in an effort to make an overtaking move.

While attacked in some quarters for making overtaking too easy, there is little doubt that the system has played a part in improving the show so far in 2011 and drivers will now have too opportunities to use the system in the Canadian Grand Prix.

DRS will be available on the both the back straight and the start/finish straight in Montreal, with the two locations for Valencia having also been announced.

"We didn't think there was anywhere suitable here [at Catalunya], because they have to be consecutive straights," FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting said. "It becomes more complicated the further apart they are because there's more likelihood of a change in position of the drivers.

"So the first realistic opportunity we felt was Montreal. In Valencia, as planned, it will between turns 10 and 12 and again between 14 and 17."

Whiting added that the system could have been used in Turkey, but the governing body was keen to make sure there were no problems with having two zones.

"We only had the software available in Turkey," he said. "I thought it was too new and I wanted to make sure there were no bugs in it."



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