FIA race director Charlie Whiting has defended the decision to allow the use of the F1's Drag Reduction System at the Monaco Grand Prix next weekend.

Indeed Whiting added that even though the 'majority' of the drivers' are against it, he believes it would be wrong not to have it for the sixth round on the championship, especially as overtaking is always so tough around the tight and twisting confines of the Principality.

"I have spoken to the drivers a few times about it and it was quite clear that the majority of them would prefer not to use it in Monaco," Whiting told Reuters.

"We are not waiting for an accident to happen but there is simply no evidence to support the theory that it is going to be dangerous. As it was introduced as an overtaking aid, it would be somewhat perverse not to allow it in the place where you need overtaking the most."

Meanwhile, Rubens Barrichello has revealed that when the matter was discussed by the drivers' at the recent Turkish GP, only one was actually in favour of DRS being allowed at the Monaco GP.

"It was every driver, apart from Michael [Schumacher], that saw the thing the same way as I did [and agreed it was dangerous]," Rubens explained to reporters at this weekend's Spanish GP. "Charlie said 'So everybody agrees that it is not a good thing?' and then Michael said he didn't agree. He must have something on the car that is technically very good. Then the [discussion] just fell off from there."

Schumacher himself has confirmed he thinks there will be no problem having DRS next weekend: "I don't think it is too dangerous to push a couple of buttons," said the German. "The FIA, I am pretty sure, is able and capable of finding spots where you can activate them [the wings] without any danger.

"I'm sorry if I may have a different opinion to the others. I don't think I have been alone in that but that's my opinion."

Lewis Hamilton has also spoken out now in favour and he has disputed talk that only Schumacher is for it: "No he wasn't," Hamilton noted. "When I mentioned it, he did come back and say: 'Well, actually we could use it at the exit of the tunnel for 100 metres'. He was the only one to come out with a positive comment on that. But generally everyone else wasn't very positive.

"I am excited to use it [the DRS at the Monaco GP]. I was the only one in the drivers' briefing that was for it..."



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