Former racer David Coulthard has said that Fernando Alonso's new five-year deal with Ferrari 'makes perfect sense' after eyebrows were raised about the length of the Spaniard's new contract.

Alonso's deal, which was announced on the eve of his home race, will tie him to Ferrari until the end of the 2016 season, with McLaren driver Jenson Button amongst those surprised at the length of the contract extension [See separate story HERE].

However, BBC commentator Coulthard said he saw nothing out of the ordinary with a deal which 'makes perfect sense' to both parties.

"The announcement on Thursday that he has signed a new deal to stay at Ferrari until the end of 2016 raised a few eyebrows," DC told the Daily Telegraph. "I'm not sure why. A five-year contract is not unusual in other sports such as football.

"To me it makes sense; Fernando is happy at Ferrari, they are happy with him, and let's be honest they are a perfect fit. I can't see the relationship souring and there is no reason to doubt that he will still be producing at 35 years old."

However, despite saying that he felt Alonso is one of the best drivers on the grid, Coulthard said he couldn't see the Spaniard winning his home event this weekend although he wouldn't discount him from the title fight.

"Fernando has his detractors but I'm a massive fan," he said. "He is arguably the most complete driver on the grid in terms of what he brings to the team; speed, discipline, charisma, the ability to build and drive a team. He is ruthless, yes, and there have been some unsavoury moments in his career, but as a driver he is very fair.

"Will he give the home crowd something to shout about by winning for the second time here? Probably not. Can he come back and win a third world title this year? Undoubtedly. Ferrari showed in the last race in Turkey that they are closing the gap to Red Bull and Fernando is someone who consistently extracts the maximum from his car. He can put pressure on Sebastian Vettel."



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