McLaren's Lewis Hamilton is hoping to attack tomorrow in the F1 2011 Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton will line-up third on the grid for the fifth round in the championship, after finishing the top-ten shoot-out behind both the Red Bulls - more than a second off the pole time posted by Mark Webber.

Despite the gap though, which was considerably more than it was in Turkey last time out, Hamilton remains upbeat.

"The Red Bulls look very strong, but I'm going to do everything I can to jump at least one - if not both - of them at the start. I hope I can attack tomorrow," Hamilton said after qualifying.

"When you start from the clean side of the grid, you automatically have a much better opportunity of getting a good start - and, this year, I've usually been on the dirty side, so tomorrow will be a bit of a bonus for me.

"Third on the grid is actually a perfect position - because, if you get a good start, you can slipstream the guys in front. My aim is to be P1 by Turn One!

"It doesn't normally go that way, but as long as I don't go backwards I will be very happy."

Qualifying however was not all plain sailing for the Englishman and a lock-up in Q3 could yet hinder him in the race.

"When you're trying to eke every last drop out of the car, you sometimes lock the front wheels - and that's just what happened on my final lap," he added.

"While the flat-spot to the front-left doesn't look perfect, we'll manage it by re-balancing the wheels, so it'll be fine. We've definitely made an improvement this weekend. We'll keep pushing: we don't give up, and with the DRS we should see some good racing."



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