Jenson Button has predicted that a good KERS system could benefit McLaren during this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix.

The unique nature of the street circuit had led to suggestions that KERS would be less useful in the principality, with questions asked about where drivers would be able to deploy their KERS in order to gain an advantage.

However, Button insisted that KERS will be just as useful in Monaco as it has been anywhere else, with McLaren hoping to benefit from the strength of its Mercedes system.

"There's been some suggestion that KERS Hybrid might not provide a useful lap time benefit around Monaco, because you might think you couldn't really exploit it to give you a boost onto a straight," he said. "But our simulations suggest that it's worth as much at Monaco as it is pretty much anywhere else, which is another positive because I think that the Mercedes-Benz unit is the best in Formula 1."

Button won the Monaco race en-route to his championship title in 2009 and the Briton said he was excited about the prospect of returning to the city streets for the biggest event on the calendar.

"Monaco is the most glamorous and historic race on the calendar," he said. "Winning there was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, and it remains one of my favourite grand prix victories.

"It's always a strange contrast going from a circuit like Barcelona, which is fast, open and flowing, then arriving a few days later at Monaco - which is the slowest, tightest and toughest track on the calendar.

"On your first lap out of the pits, the acceleration just feels incredible and the barriers feel far too close! But you build up a little more gradually than you would at any other circuit, and you quickly find your focus. Still, it's an intense and slightly unbelievable feeling."



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