Rubens Barrichello says he isn't considering his future with Williams despite a disappointing start to the 2011 F1 season.

The Brazilian has yet to make it into Q3 after five races and has a best finish of only 13th, with the most experienced figure on the grid trailing in down in 17th place in the Spanish GP at the weekend.

Williams are the only established team yet to score this season having suffered its worst start to an F1 campaign but despite the difficulties faced thus far, Barrichello said he wasn't considering his options.

"Not at the moment," he was quoted by ESPN. "Right now I am frustrated by the fact I am driving my balls off and finishing nowhere. The car's not there, you are fighting all the way, but having said that it's just too early to think about walking away. Driving a bad car is never bearable. It's never good enough, but I have this big motivation to turn things around."

Barrichello added that he was confident of helping Williams to turn things around, with changes to the technical make-up of the team set to give the team new direction.

"I asked Jackie Stewart before the race 'Jackie tell me why I still love this thing so much when I'm starting from 19th?'," he said. "I could stay at home and enjoy being with my kids, but I need this. I need the adrenaline, and I need to be able to turn things around. I'm sure I will, but I'm suffering here at the moment.

"The team is going through a tough period, and right now the family needs to hang on and create a nice environment. There's a bit of individualism here and there, a few different opinions. We just need to wait until Mike Coughlan comes in and hopefully that will give us direction with some technical leadership. It's too easy to blame, to say 'You did this'. It's not going to make it any better. It's almost cuddling time to get things going."



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