First it wasn't going to be allowed at all, then it was, now F1's latest technical tweak, the adjustable rear wing, is to be limited in its use on the tight streets of Monaco.

The latest move will only take effect in practice and qualifying, but at least proves that the sport's governing body, the FIA, is listening to the concerns of its star performers, who weren't entirely happy about being given an added aid to help them overtake in the Principality in the first place.

The F1 rules allow unfettered use of the Drag Reduction System during the first two days of each grand prix, before restricting its employment to one specified section of the circuit during the race. The 'DRS Zone' has already been relocated from the most obvious overtaking spot in Monaco - on the run from the tunnel to the waterfront chicane - to Ste Devote, but the drivers remained concerned that it could still be used in the faster section during the four sessions that took place on Thursday and Saturday.

After the traditional pre-race drivers' briefing in Spain again raised concerns about DRS being on offer at all this weekend, FIA race director Charlie Whiting has confirmed that it will not be available in the area around the tunnel, effectively limiting its use to the start-finish straight where it will be operational on Sunday.

According to, the governing body was persuaded as much by on-track incidents in various sessions so far this season as by the drivers' argument, with mistakes being made as drivers attempt to come to terms with the growing number of knobs and switches they have to play to gain the optimum lap time.



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