Bernie Ecclestone says he isn't concerned about safety if the Bahrain Grand Prix is rescheduled to a new date later in the year.

The FIA is due to make a decision on 3 June as to whether or not the event will take place later this year after the season opener was cancelled due to safety concerns after anti-government protests turned violent.

Despite reports that the event is in chaos just days before a state of emergency is due to be lifted [See separate story HERE] Ecclestone said he wasn't concerned about safety if everything goes ahead.

"They are all nice people there and I don't think we'd have any problem," he was quoted by Reuters. "It's just a case of if somebody wants to get a bit of attention, that would probably be a good way to do it. But I don't think from a safety point of view there is anything to worry about.

"[However] we've got to make a decision because the teams want to know what's going on."

The issue was raised during the team principal press conference on Thursday in Monaco ahead of a planned team principal's meeting in the principality although those present were coy about what to expect.

"Well, I understand that there's a team principals' meeting at 5pm [Thursday] to discuss this," Force India's Vijay Mallya said, "and after that I'm sure it will be debated at the World Motor Sport Council of which I'm a member.

"I think it would be rather inappropriate for me to pre-judge the issue here, so let's wait for all the team principals to meet and to discuss it at the FIA level and see where we go."



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